My Sweet Oven


We love baking. We love the smell; the warmth of the oven; the artistry of decorating and presentation. And we love to eat what we make.

But mostly, we love the look on people’s faces as they enjoy our creations.

All of our confections are made from scratch, with the finest ingredients,

lots of love, and amazingly taste even better than they look.

If you have a theme, an idea, or just a sweet tooth, call us and we can discuss our creative ideas together. Thanks, we hope to hear from you soon, and may all of your sweet dreams come true.

NEW! Let us host your decorating party!

Need a fun, hands-on (and hands free for you) party idea? We are now hosting cupcake, gingerbread and cookie decorating parties. Click here for more information.


We believe in celebrating the simple everyday things in life. 

We enjoy making delicious confections by hand with only the finest ingredients.

From our oven to your home, let’s keep life simple and enjoy delicious sweet treats.

Celebrate the simple things with sweet treats.